About us

The company was founded by Haralambi Bogdanov in the town of Gabrovo in 1991 as ET "Bogdanov". Initially it started its activity with trading of tools, accounting services and implementation of accounting products. The capital accumulated during the first years of activity he invested in his idea of producing bandsaw blades for cutting wood. In the summer of 1993, the first quantities of bandsaw blade were produced in a small garage.
In 1994, as a successor to ET Bogdanov, Tehnoles Ltd. was registered. The production of bandsaw blades gradually expanded. The production of new woodworking tools - circular saws, saw blades, blades for abritch machines was mastered.
Over the next few years the company continuously invested in equipment and training of its employees. Special attention was paid to market development, enforcing the Tehnoles brand and maintaining the high quality of the products produced. The company's aim is to improve the production technology and to train even more qualified personnel.
In 1998, the design and construction of a new production building began, which was put into operation in mid-2000 , after which the company invested in new facilities and began the production of machines for the maintenance and servicing of bandsaw blades, as well as the production of blades. Three years later, the first flash-butt welding machine for bandsaw blades of the company was made.
For the last 15 years Technoles Ltd. has been able to satisfy the requirements of its customers and deservedly receives their trust. Today it is a successful , loyal Bulgarian company, and is the undisputed leader in the production and sale of band saw blades in Bulgaria.